We’re hoping you have heard the BIG news!!! At Springforth 2017 we announced that for 2018 Springforth is combining with an event called Rally in the Valley (a Wesleyan event) to make ONE big event, called the ONE conference, where together we’ll worship our ONE God, in ONE location and be inspired to join God in changing Atlantic Canada ONE neighbourhood at a time. #ONE #1neighbourhood

It’s going to be historic!!!
We’re praying it’ll be transformational!

Imagine a room full of 2000+ middle schoolers, high schoolers and their youth leaders worshiping God!

Here are some questions you may be asking about the ONE Conference. Let us know if you have more!

NOTE CBACyf = Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada Youth and Family

1.       Why the change?

Because God always has been and always will be bigger than one denomination. God is at work across Atlantic Canada, across denominations, across all people and across all pockets and regions of our beautiful provinces. We want to join God’s work, especially among the younger generations.

On a more practical level, in order to continue to reach more youth with the invitation to follow Jesus and join God’s work in their neighbourhoods, we recognized it was time for some changes to Springforth. We (CBACyf team, Springforth team and the CBACyf working group) got talking about what needed to change to reach more youth and be even more effective. We talked about what would be most helpful to youth leaders and churches. As we were talking, our friends, the Wesleyans, approached us. They were talking about similar things regarding an event they have called Rally in the Valley. We started talking more, and realized that together we had similar goals and together could reach even more youth in Atlantic Canada.

The ONE Conference was born.

We believe that when we bring students of all backgrounds together as ONE church, worship our ONE God, in ONE location we’ll discover that our faith comes alive in a powerful, new way. We’re not on this journey alone, and we believe that we’re better together. Together let’s inspire a generation to join God in their neighbourhoods

2.       Who, what, where and when is the ONE conference?

WHO: Students in 6-12 grade with their youth pastors/leaders

WHAT: A two-day event designed to be a catalyst for growth in the faith of students and youth ministries and inspire them to join God in our neighbourhoods 

WHERE: The Moncton Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick.

WHEN: May 11-12, 2018

3.       Will middle schoolers and high schoolers be together?

Yes, they will be together for the rallies with amazing worship bands and engaging speakers.
However, during the workshop sessions, ONE Conference will have age-specific speakers and content for your students so they get exactly what they need. Middle schoolers/Junior Highers will have their own workshops and High Schoolers will have their own workshops, with some specific workshops for grade 11 and 12 students!

4.       What will the cost be for the ONE Conference?

$75 for early Bird

$80 for regular price

$90 for late and at the door

5.       Why does it cost more?

It has gone up a little from Springforth because we want to up the quality and experience of the event. We are renting a larger facilitating and inviting high quality bands and speakers. We’ll have various options for fun activities. We are working hard to create an environment that is awesome for middle schoolers and higher schoolers! We’re aiming to financially create an event that breaks even.

6.       Will there be a leaders’ track?

Yes! We’re excited to be hosting a Leader’s Track during the ONE Conference.  So while your students are being poured into, you’ll hear from dynamic speakers that will enrich your own faith and leadership. This will happen while you students are being well looked after by volunteers and workshop leaders.

7.       Will there still be bouncy castles or fun activities?

There will be built in time for fun activities and memory making with your youth groups!

8.       Who will the speaker(s) and band be?

Coming very soon….you’ll have to keep watching the website (onecon.ca) and our social media (Facebook /cbacyf  Instagram /cbac_yf  Twitter @cbacyf) for announcements.

9.       Who are your partners or sponsors for the ONE Conference?

CBAC and Kings Church (Weselyan Church in Saint John, NB) are seeding the money for the event. CBAC is continuing to work with our amazing family partners – Acadia Divinity College, Canadian Baptist Ministries, and Crandall University – to see how they’ll be involved with the event.

10.   What is the goal of the ONE conference?

To be a catalyst to God’s work in the lives of students, so that wherever they are in their journey they are challenged to take a leap forward in their faith.

The aim of the ONE conference is to inspire students to join God in their neighbourhoods. For some students that will mean responding to God’s invitation for new life for the first time and for some students, it will mean stepping up in joining God’s mission in new ways. We want to challenge ever student to join God on mission every day of their lives.

3 specifics goals of ONE are:

  1. Every student and leader would have ONE Milestone experience with Jesus Christ. Whether this is big or small, our prayer is that they would experience the truth of Jesus Christ in some way that invites them into closer relationship with Jesus and into more faithfully following Jesus in their lives.
  2. Every student and leader would feel part of ONE diverse, united, and loving, church family.
  3. Every student and leader would participate in a ONE Kingdom movement that impacts our world, our region, our neighbourhoods. 

11.   What about accommodations?

Leaders are to arrange their accommodations for their group. Closer to the event, we will provide a list of local Moncton churches that will host students to sleep on their church floors for the night. You need to call one of these churches in advance (the earlier the better!) to reserve your spot.

If you prefer, we’ll also be partnering with the area hotels to secure group rates on a first come, first serve basis. You need to call the hotel directly to arrange your group’s accommodations.

12.   What about transportation and meals?

Leaders are responsible for the transportation and meals for their group during the weekend. There are lots of restaurants in the area.

13.   What will the weekend look like?

Attendees can look forward to 3 main sessions and 2 workshops over the course of the weekend, as well as plenty of entertainment and activities.

14.   What if our students don’t have the money to go?

We’ve done our best to offer a high caliber event at the best price. We’re asking you to make an investment in the event. We are inviting churches and leaders to think creatively on how they could get as many students to ONE as possible and keep the cost down for their students and leaders. Invite individuals, groups or community partners to sponsor students to go. Put money in the church budget to send students. Do fundraising to get students to the ONE conference – silent auctions, hire-a-student, cookie-dough sales, paint night, clothing-swap night…

Also, please let us know if you can connect us with people or organizations that would be excellent partners for ONE and might be interested in financially investing in the event in order to give more students the opportunity to experience ONE. This could be incredibly helpful to all of us in Atlantic Canada! This could lower the cost for us all.

Leaders, you know how memorable and transformational events like this can be in the lives of students – so get your whole church, community, parents, and others involved in making it possible for your students to be at ONE!

15.   Who is the leadership of the ONE Conference?

The executive team consists of a mix of leaders from the CBAC Youth and Family team, CBAC Pastors and Wesleyan Pastors. We are united in creating an event that invites students to worship, follow and serve our ONE God, in each of our neighbourhoods.

16.   What can we do to get students involved?

Start talking about the ONE Conference now, get it on your calendar!

Get other students to share stories of what events like this are like and how God has used them in their lives.

Make sure to register your group early to get the early bird rate! Registration will open in January at onecon.ca

17.   Will there still be an intern program?

Yes! Young Adults (17+) will be invited to apply for intern positions to work behind the scenes on such things as rallies, leaders track, workshops, fun events etc.

18.   What other denominations will be involved?

Anyone, from any denomination, non-denomination, unchurched, dechurched, searching, “not sure yet what I think of the whole Jesus thing” is invited. It’s a party of discovery together.

It’s a great place to invite friends and to have students invite friends, from all different backgrounds.

19.   How can we invest in ONE being a success?

a.       Pray – that God would reveal Himself to this generation, and use the ONE Conference as a place where people encounter the living God and get on-mission with God

b.       Get your students excited – Don’t let them miss out on this event!

c.       Starting planning to attend early – If you want to keep the cost down for your students/leaders start planning your church budget and fundraising accordingly.
Start thinking how you’ll get students excited about this.
Start thinking WHO needs a special invite to this event.
Start thinking HOW to get your students inviting others to the ONE conference.

d.       Connect us to potential sponsors / partners – We want to involve others that have similar goals (to see students fall in love with Jesus and join God in their neighbourhoods.) Please connect us to sponsors or partners who will help our students with this goal AND could help us cover the costs of such a large event. We want as many students to attend as possible! We really need some partners willing to invest with us in the lives of middle school and high school students in Atlantic Canada.

20.   Where do I find out more about the event, watch for details and register?


We really can’t wait to see you there!
We’re planning, praying and expecting it to be an epic event, that inspires a generation to follow our ONE God.
Will you join us?

-Renée @r_embree
-Andrew @drewsie83