WhO's IT For?

Children’s Ministry Leaders and Volunteers

WHEN and Where IS IT?

Oct. 14 2023
Immanuel Baptist Church
Truro, NS


Cost is $40/person

Christie Penner Worden

We are so pumped to have Christie Penner Worden as a our keynote speaker this year!

Christie Penner Worden is the Chief Mission Officer for RaiseUpFaith. With a focus on equipping and coaching, resourcing and training, Christie is a strategic leader who is passionate about discipling children, empowering leaders and providing effective support to those who love and serve today’s kids. Christie is a credentialed pastor with the BIC denomination, has the Engage Certificate in Children’s Ministry through Bethel Seminary, and is a certified coach with The International Network of Children’s Ministry (INCM).

Christie is an international speaker and writer, sharing her wonder and what-ifs with dreamers and doers alike. She collaborates with organizations including David C. Cook, Ministry Spark, INCM, New Wine, KidzMatter, KidBuilders, Awesome KidMin Community, Lead Volunteers, Collide Kids Podcast, Bible Talk, Jesus Collective, and local churches across Canada.

From writing articles to hosting weekend-long workshops, Christie can generally be found somewhere in the future where the Church is thriving and the contribution of every generation is the very definition of unity in One Body. Christie uses her voice as an advocate for the silent Church with a grand vision shared by children everywhere for a world where all are welcome, included, loved, and celebrated.

Some of Christie’s most recent notable works:

• RaiseUpFaith Articles
• Wonder Ink, Founding author of philosophy and theology (David C Cook)
• Ministry Spark Articles
• Foundations of Identity Conversation, Bible Talk

• christiepennerworden.com


8:30a – 9:30a

Registration, Coffee & Sign-up for Workshops

9:30a – 10:45a

Opening Session 

10:45a – 11:10a

Coffee & Transition 

11:10a – 12:00p

Workshops One 

12:00p – 1:00pm


1:00p – 1:50p

Workshops Two 

1:50p – 2:05p


2:05p – 2:55p

Workshops Three

2:55p – 3:10p


3:10p – 4:15p

Closing Session 

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