NEXT Conference

‘NEXT’ is a conference for Children’s ministry leaders (paid and volunteer), designed to encourage and equip you to make a difference in the lives of the kids and families you serve. This event has been on Hiatus through the pandemic, but NEXT digital resourcing is being released this fall/winter 2022/23! 

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NEXT 2022 Digital Workshops

NEW! Check out the latest NEXT Digital Workshops to inspire and equip your Kid’s ministry team! Download and watch these as a team. Use our discussion guides provided in the descriptions below to facilitate GREAT team conversation. 


"Intergenerationally Sticky Faith"

Corey Siebel
Dr. Cory Siebel walks leaders through six key ingredients that that can help church families strengthen cohesion—or “stickiness”—between the generations.  Use this handout (The Intergenerationally Sticky Church) to facilitate conversation in your team.

Deepening Our Relationship With God

Sandy Sutherland
Coming January 2023! 

Careing for People and Connecting with People

Edward Powel
Coming January 2023!

Staying Connected

Jodi Linkletter
Coming January 2023!