Meet the team of young Atlantic Canadians learning about joining God in our neighbourhoods here and in Kenya.

A team of teens and young adults from Springforth has been selected to go to Kamp Tumaini in Kenya for two weeks this July. Kamp Tumaini is a Guardians of Hope (GOH) program by Canadian Baptist Ministries. The Guardians of Hope program seeks to help families and communities affected by HIV/Aids. Our Springforth team will be joining with our CBM partners Aaron and Erica Kenny in Kwale, Kenya to run Kamp Tumaini at Mivumoni Secondary School. 

In the region of Kwale County Kenya HIV infection has remained at a high prevalence rate of 6% of the population. In schools like the Mivumoni Secondary School, practically everyone knows of someone how has been affected by HIV/AIDS. Kamp Tumaini 2017 will be at Mivumoni Secondary School to work with GOH kids and their classmates on awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

Tumaini means hope in Swahili. Join us in praying Kamp Tuamini is FULL of hope this summer.
This will be an incredible learning and growing experience for our young Atlantic Canadian team.

I interviewed three of the team members this week. Take a glimpse into the team…

1.       “Why are you going?”

Danielle – I’m going to camp because God has called me to! He calls us to be disciples whether it is here at home or in places overseas like Kenya

Victoria – I’m going to share God’s love with others, and to tell others about God. I’m going to learn.

Abby – It’s been a dream of mine to go on a mission trip since I was little. I’m also excited to meet other people my age and see how they live.

2.       What will you be doing?

Danielle – We are going to Kenya to join Gods work through CBM and their partners to kids, teens, and families affected by HIV/AIDS because they are our neighbours and together we can show and tell the gospel

Abby – I will be trying to build relationships with campers, my team and God. I’m hoping to laugh and learn lots! At the start of each day we will be doing a big assembly for the whole school in the morning. Then, each day, we’ll be taking a different grade out of school for CAMP! I can’t wait to teach them some crazy camp games! During camp we plan to have games, crafts, devotions and songs. We may even bring Hallelujah Half Hour to Kamp Tumaini in Kenya (anyone from Camp Tulakadik knows what that is!)

Victoria – We will be teaching others about God and be working with students affected by HIV/Aids to help reduce the stigma around it. We want to give the campers a memorable and fun time! I want to build friendships with the campers there.

3.       What have you been learning about in preparing to go?

Victoria – We have been learning about HIV and Aids and planning for the camp we’ll be running.

Abby – We’ve been learning all about different cultures. One of my favourite things to learn about was Islam.

Danielle – We have been learning so many different things from different people. Paul Carline informed us about Islam. The Kenny’s (who we will be partnering with in Kenya), have answered any questions we have about the culture there. Erica Kenny provided information to us all about HIV/AIDS. Renée got us to look more in depth to figure out our personalities and what it means to work together as team. Adrian has taught us about missions and going as partners to serve and learn. We also have had two in person meetings where we did team building.

4.       Springforth has been partnering with Kamp Tumaini for three years! What do you hope everyone at Springforth understands about Kamp Tumaini?

Victoria – That there is hope! God’s love and hope can help everyone, here and around the world.

Abby – People should understand that Kamp is a place for everyone to feel love, accepted and cherished.

Danielle – That Kamp Tumaini is a camp for those who have been affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and we are going to help break some of the stigma behind it.

5.       What’s your favourite thing about camp?

Abby – That’s a hard question, but campfire songs are definitely at the top of the list.

Victoria – The peace at camp.

Danielle – Dark games and campfire!

6.       What fun camp thing do you hope to teach the people at Kamp Tumaini?

Abby – I hope to teach the students the “Bazooka Bubble Gum” song. It’s the best!

Victoria – Camp games!

Danielle – Crazy camp songs and the fun grace songs we sing before meals

7.       What can all of us be praying for our friends in Kenya and at Kamp Tumaini?

Victoria – strength as we’re leading the camp with the teens and that our purpose is to serve

Danielle – Pray for the students to be able to realize that they are just like us, valued and special. Pray they’d have a good time at Kamp. Pray for our team, that all our planning will come together.

Abby – Pray that God teaches us to be flexible and focus on His mission.

Did you know the Springforth offering goes to Kamp Tumaini?

The Springforth offering doesn’t go to this team, it goes directly to Kamp Tumaini for running camps for kids affected by HIV/Aids. When you give during the Springforth offering you are helping a kid in Kenya have an awesome camp experience! 
$20 sends a kid or teen to Kamp Tumaini. How many kids can your group send to camp?
Thank you!!! See you at Springforth!

If you want to support one of these team members directly you can do it on the team’s GIVE TO GO page HERE


Unfortunately, Julia isn’t it the picture because she was writing an exam while we were all having fun.
The team, along with their favourite ice cream flavour, is…
Abby Murphy (Saint John NB) – Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch
Adia Guptill (Moncton NB) – Hoofprints
Brigette Moore (Woodstock NB) – I don’t eat ice cream
Claire Brenton (Massey Drive NFLD) – Maple walnut
Connor Craig (St. George NB) – Vanilla
Danielle Leger (Boundary Creek NB) – Chocolate chip cookie dough
Emily Derrah (Grand Bay NB) – Hoofprints
Hannah Ingalls (Middle Sackville & Saint John NB) – Melted snowman
Jackie Crain (Kiersteadville NB) – Chocolate chip cookie dough
Jacob Tait (Colpitts Settlement NB) – Death by chocolate
Julia LeBlanc (Bridgewater NS) – Kejimkujik s’mores
Melora Cook (Moncton NB) – Strawberry
Victoria Foley (Conquerall Bank NS) – Cotton Candy
Elijah Gardner (Milton ON, formerly Grand Bay NB) – Rocky Road
And the leaders:
Catherine Cole (Truro NS) – Neapolitan
Adrian Gardner (Milton ON) – Cotton Candy
Renée Embree (Saint John NB, when she’s actually home) – Mint chocolate chip

We’re so proud of Springforth and the amazing way they’ve supported Kamp Tumaini for three years. Thank you Springforth! This team is proud to represent you as we head to Kenya.