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This week has been a week of seeing the exponential power in partnerships. I am thankful that among Christians, churches, and denominations there seems to be a greater willingness lately to learn from each other, help each other and partner together.
You are not alone. You are not meant to join God in your neighbourhoods alone.
What new partnership do you need to seek out?
What existing partnership do you need to invest in more?

Here are some of the glimpses I saw of the power of partnerships this week:

  • Churches partnering with community groups

    • I visited a church where they are seeking to be a volunteer force and blessing to their local food bank
    • I visited another church that is seeking to join what is already happening in their community – blessings the local community centre with new equipment
    • A number of churches have been working together with community groups in responding to refugees and new Canadians
    • A church that chose, rather than competing for kids at a March break camp, to bless and support the march break camp the school/community was doing

What community group could you or your church partner with to bless them & for greater Kingdom impact?

  • Partnering with sister organizations across our region and across Canada

    • This week I had a zoom call with the team of young adults and teenagers getting ready to go to Kamp Tumaini in Kenya through our Springforth – Canadian Baptist Ministries partnership. I was reminded what a blessing that is! Who better for these young adults/teens to learn from, about joining God in our neighbourhoods, than CBM and their missionaries?
    • I also had the privilege of having Sherry Bennett visit Atlantic Canada for five days. Sherry is the Children & Families Ministry Coordinator for the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, a sister organization to the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. It was a rich time – as we talked about what God is doing across Canada, how we can resource and support each other and prayed for the leaders & children of our nation.
    • Denominations even partnering with other denominations. For example, we’re getting ready for the Wesleyan youth rally (Rally in the Valley) to join with the CBAC Springforth youth rally for 2018. Lots more info coming!

I was reminded how often I try to figure something out “on my own”, when if I looked across the country I may find someone else who is further along in the journey that I can learn from and would be willing to share their resources.
What sister organization could you build a stronger, intentional relationship with?
What organization could you partner with that would increase your kingdom impact?

  • Churches partnering with churches/camps

    • Churches are partnering with other churches, even across denominational lines, to care for the poor, run Alpha programs, respond to the needs in their town/city…
    • Churches are partnering with other churches to offer equipping events for leaders and volunteers – like the Current Church conference in the CBAC Northwestern New Brunswick Association. See
    • Churches looking to their camps to help with the leadership development of young leaders

Our response is stronger and richer because one church isn’t trying to do it alone
What church or camp could you partner with for greater Kingdom impact?

  • Leaders partnering and learning from other leaders

    • This past Saturday we had the NEXT children’s ministry conference. Children’s ministry volunteers and leaders came from all over Atlantic Canada to learn from other leaders, including leaders from other tribes. All the workshops and speaking was done by leaders from Atlantic Canada, helping others in our region be better equipped for their ministry. It’s amazing what happens when you put like-minded leaders together all trying to reach kids and families with the Good News.
    • Mentors – as Sherry and I traveled Atlantic Canada together one of the topics that kept coming up was the importance of being mentored and mentoring. As leaders, we need to intentional put ourselves in these relationships – for encouragement, accountability, and refinement. This very week I was blessed by a pertinent question from one of my mentors, that helped pull me back on track.

Who is another leader you could learn from? What would it look like to approach them, to learn from them or be mentored by them?

  • Individuals partnering together on teams

    • Again, this week, I was blessed by how wonderful it is to not be trying to join God in my neighbourhoods, or to help you to do that, alone. I am so thankful for the CBAC Youth and Family team, the YF Working Group, the CBAC team and the team at Acadia Divinity College. I/we don’t have to figure this out alone. The team, together, is praying, discerning, working on new ideas….
    • I’ve met with other teams this week too – we couldn’t do big events like Springforth and Tidal Impact without teams that work together, towards a common goal.

Even if you are surrounded by volunteers – who is your team? How can you create a team that will give you feedback and input?

Strategic partnerships can greatly increase our impact in our neighbours.
Will you invest in partnerships for the sake of joining God in our neighbourhoods?

Here are today’s questions:
What new partnership do you need to seek out?
What existing partnership do you need to invest in more?