As I post this blog today I’m on the ferry on my way to check out some more of the plans and spots for Tidal Impact 2017! I’m a little excited!

What’s Tidal Impact? It is teenagers joining forces to impact neighbourhoods in Atlantic Canada. It is a mission trip that takes place right here in our own backyard. In 2017 teams will be coming from all over to impact Bridgewater and Halifax, Nova Scotia July 22 to 29.

Here are 5 reasons why I love tidal impact:

1.  Mission is right here, right now – as followers of Jesus we are called to join God’s mission in the world every day, wherever we are. Tidal Impact takes place in Atlantic Canada blessing our neighbours right here and training teenagers on how to join God right here. Mission does not just take place some place far away, mission happens when we join God in the places we live, work, study and play every day. Tidal Impact opens us to the opportunities to join God right here, right now.

2.  Mission happens through the local church – we believe that the local church is the hope of the world (to quote Bill Hybels.) We believe each church in a local community is a mission hub, lighthouse, and fishing boat to its neighbourhoods. Tidal Impact happens through local churches planted in neighbourhoods. Each local church decides how to best put their Tidal Impact team to work during the mornings SO THAT the team can boost the ministry and blessing the church has already begun in the community. The local church will continue the connections and ministry after the Tidal Impact team is gone, the team just acts as an encouragement and accelerator to the local churches efforts to join God in their neighbourhoods.

3. Showing the Gospel – through Tidal impact our neighbours get to see a glimpse of God’s kindness to them. They get to see a glimpse of God’s Gospel of grace at work. Teenagers spend the whole week serving – painting murals, removing graffiti, doing building projects, making trails, removing garbage, leading children’s programs, handing out thank yous to those who serve our community, hosting sports camps, collecting for the food bank… The teens spend the evenings at rallies, growing in their relationship towards Jesus. There is something about seeing the Gospel demonstrated in action through their peers, and then hearing about Jesus at night, that makes the message of the Gospel collide in peoples’ hearts. It creates a fresh openness to Jesus in the participating teenagers and in our communities. People, perhaps especially today, need to see and experience a taste of the Gospel before they are ready to hear more about the Gospel.

4. Going beyond the week – after the last tidal impact I had students nagging me with the question “Why can’t Tidal Impact be every day? Why don’t we do this all the time?” And of course, my answer was “You can” – this IS how we are called to live every day in our schools, homes, workplaces, teams… I’ve also had students come back from Tidal Impact with the drive to start something new that connects with their friends and neighbours. Some students have come back and held their own food drive for their local food banks. Some students have come back and started “Alpha” in their schools, a program that gives people a safe, welcoming space to explore Jesus. During the Tidal Impact week we’ve add an afternoon called “Dive deeper” which is designed to help students think about and begin practicing listening for God’s voice and following God’s nudges beyond the week of Tidal Impact.

5.  Power of team – we were never meant to do the Christian life alone. There is something powerful about seeing 900+ people serving Bridgewater and Halifax together, worshipping together, and in community together for the week. It is a strong reminder that we are not alone, there are others seeking to join God in their neighbourhoods, schools, homes… Think of the teen that comes from a church where they are the only person under 50! It is powerful to see that there ARE many other teenagers serving Jesus! The power of team is also a reason I’m super excited one of the Tidal Impact locations for 2017 is Bridgewater, along the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Simply because of geography and population demographics churches and communities along the South Shore can feel forgotten and alone. I can’t wait to see Tidal Impact teenagers all along the South Shore blessings people, churches, and communities and showing them that they are NOT forgotten. Another reason I’m stoked Tidal Impact will be on the South Shore is their white sand beaches are more spectacular than Florida! I’m also excited the other 2017 Tidal Impact location is Halifax – which is the largest city in Atlantic Canada, it’s full of life, diversity, challenges and opportunities. Halifax churches are looking forward to hosting teams that will help them connect with their neighbours. They too need to know they are not alone in joining God in the neighbourhood.

This video will give you a glimpse of the impact Tidal Impact can make…

Wherever you are in Canada we’d love to have you come and join in Tidal Impact.
You can find out more and can register as either a host or visiting church for Tidal Impact at
Host churches are those in the Halifax and Bridgewater areas. Visiting churches are any other groups.

Joining God in our neighbourhoods