Fresh starts offer such hope. New possibilities. New dreams. New opportunities to define who you are. New possibilities to get to know others better. New possibilities to get to know God better. A fresh opportunity to let things go.
Seize fresh starts for all they are worth.

A new year is an excuse to start some things fresh.
Where do you need a fresh start? A fresh charge up a new mountain?

Here are 3 quick questions to help you become better in 2016 than you were in 2015. Take time to reflect on each of these.
I’m not talking about better circumstances, necessarily, it’s not about better stuff or having better people around you. It’s about a better you – being a better friend, boss, co-worker, parent, spouse, student, teammate… It’s about being more faithful to Jesus where He’s placed you, where you study, work, live and play.

So here are 3 questions to make your 2016 better than your 2015 was:

1. What do you want to do differently in 2016 than you did in 2015?
Explanation: In other words, where did you learn something the hard way? What did you learn and how will you apply it going forward? Where do you have some regret and what could you do differently? Where do you feel you missed out on something? Where do you have a sense of failure? What could you improve on? What would you like to do differently going forward? Experience and reflection really are our best teachers.

2. What do you want to keep doing in 2016 that you did in 2015?
Particularly in terms of your character, what are you proud of from 2015 and want to carry with you and continue to do in 2015?
Explanation: Where did you improve over the last year and want to continue that practice/habit? What tough situations did you navigate well and what can you carry with you from those experiences into 2016? What worked well in 2015 that gives you some principles you can carry into 2016? We do have to be intentional about guarding and developing our character. We do have control over our character, even when circumstances are out of control.

3. What new things do you want to do or accomplish in 2016?
Explanation: We always need new goals to strive for. What’s the new thing for you in 2016?
Is it to spend more time with your family? – how? when?
Is it to get healthy? –how? –when?
Is it a work/ministry goal? –how?
Is it to grow closer to God? -how?
Is it to get to know your neighbours? –how?
Is it to make more friends at the gym/work/playground/school/church? –how?

May God meet you and lead you in your reflection.
May you be full of hope as you enter 2016.
May you see God do more in and through you than you could ever imagine.

Happy New Year!
-Renée @r_embree