I’ve been pondering my current day heroes in the faith. Who are yours?In the spirit of Hebrews 11, where it says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (vs. 1) and then the passage goes on to list all those who have gone before who have lived by faith, I’ve been thinking about current day heroes. Those who are dancing for God now, even though their circumstances tell them to give-up. Those that bring the umbrella to the prayer meeting for rain. Those that speak and share as if those in their audience are just checking out the faith, even though those folks are yet to come to their gathering.
Living by faith, that what they do not yet see, but what they hope for in Christ, will in fact come to be.
Who your heroes are says a lot about the aspirations and direction of your heart.

Here are some of my current day hero’s:

Church planters, who despite I’m sure lots of pressure, are resisting becoming like others churches, so that they may reach new pockets of our society. Thank you for teaching me determination.

Refugees, who give up so much for the hope of a fresh start and come to a foreign land with courage. I think of Syrian refugees coming to Canada today. Thank you for teaching me courage.

Theologians of today that call me again and again towards more faithful, less fragmented living for Jesus in our world. I particularly think of our Canadian theologians who I’m sure get little recognition and would often be consider irrelevant by society. Despite this they faithfully call us to be the body of Christ in the world, inviting us to continually shift our lives and thinking to be in-line with God and His Kingdom. Thank you for teaching me dedication, a long obedience in the same direction.

Women who lead faithfully in ministry, living out of God’s call on their lives even when they are misunderstood. The women that continue to hold firm to the Gospel and God’s calling on their lives. Thank you for teaching me loving resilience.

Those who have intentionally chosen to root themselves in a neighbourhood so Jesus may be become known to those around them. They immerse themselves in a community to be God’s presence there. I think of those who have uprooted their lives to intentional live in forgotten neighbourhoods and those in the new monastic movement. Thank you for teaching me true love.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ who struggle with LGBT attraction and have chosen to journey towards living faithfully for Jesus, even choosing to live a celibate lifestyle. They have given up more than most of us for the sake of costly obedience to Christ. This takes faith especially when many of our churches have not been the most welcoming. Thank you for teaching me costly obedience.

Parents that faithfully walk with their children of all ages, inviting them to live for Jesus in all areas of their lives, even (especially) when it looks different than the rest of society. Parents that continue to stand by their children even when they make choices that break their hearts. Thank you for teaching me grace.

Youth who are living faithfully and leading their friends to Jesus. I think of those that have started groups and practices in their school that display Jesus to their fellow students in word and deed. They have faith that God is at work among their friends, school and community. Thank you for teaching me joy and relevance in joining God’s work.

My mentors that speak God’s truth into my life even when it’s hard and it cause upheaval in my soul. Thank you for your tough love.

Volunteer youth and children leaders, doing so much with so little for the sake of this generation encountering God and being transformed by God. They have unwavering faith that God is speaking to, loving and transforming this generation. Thank you for teaching me passion.

Leaders and churches (tiny, small, medium and large) that have made the tough choices to say it is not about our holy huddle, but it is about those that have yet to experience God’s grace and Kingdom in their lives. They have taken hits as they’ve called their Christian community to turn outward again. They are my heroes for calling the body of Christ back to our mission. Thank you for teaching me sacrifice.

Who are your heroes in the faith?
As I look over my list it gives me great hope! We have many among us who are living by faith. We have many who are living with a radical openness to God’s possibilities in their life.
These heroes challenge me to more faithful living.
These heroes call me to live by faith.

Here’s the especially important part:
Who are the heroes in your life and ministry today? Tell them! Write them a note to cheer them on and thank them. Spur them on even more!
I’m off to write a note…

Add your comments below, let’s celebrate together, who are your current day heroes in the faith?

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

-Renée @r_embree