Share how you meet God in Everyday Moments

Join our unique photovoice research project, ‘Where do you meet God?’ and share your personal encounters through the lens of your camera. This initiative invites you to express and explore your spiritual experiences in visual form.

Photo Submission

Ready to showcase your creativity and share a glimpse into your spiritual journey? Here’s your step-by-step guide to submitting your photo:

Reflect: Take a moment to ponder the question: Where do you feel close to God? Whether it’s under a starry sky, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, or in the quiet corner of your room, let your thoughts wander.

Capture: Grab your camera or smartphone and snap a photo that captures your answer. Let your imagination run wild as you frame the moment that speaks to your soul.

Consent: Before you proceed, make sure to have your parents or guardians fill out the consent form. It’s essential to have their support and permission for your submission. Print it off, fill it out, and upload a copy with your photo.

Consent Form

Respect: If your photo includes anyone else, be sure to have them fill out the additional consent form. Respect is key in every aspect of this process.

Additional Consent Form

Submit: Once everything is in order, head over to the online submission form. Here, you can upload your photo along with the necessary forms. Let your submission shine and inspire others on their spiritual journeys.

Participation Benefits

1. Expression of Personal Beliefs.

Photovoice enables students to express and share their personal beliefs and experiences through the powerful medium of photography, fostering a deeper understanding of their own spiritual values.

2. Enhanced Self-Reflection

By selecting and capturing images that resonate with their spiritual connections, students embark on a profound journey of self-reflection, enhancing their comprehension of personal beliefs and values.

3. Skill Development

Participating in Photovoice not only hones photography skills but also bolsters communication abilities, essential for personal and professional growth.

4. Your Youth Group or Camp Could Win a Prize

When you fill out the consent forms, you’ll have a chance to enter your youth group or camp in a draw. If you win, a $100 gift card will be sent to your pastor/leader to use in your youth or camp ministry (must be a CBAC church or camp).

Project Impact

1. Amplifying Youth Voices

The Photovoice Project provides students with a platform to express themselves through the powerful medium of photography. By capturing images that reflect their experiences, challenges, and aspirations, students have the opportunity to share their perspectives with the wider community, including local CBAC churches. Through their photographs, students can convey their thoughts, emotions, and concerns, allowing their voices to be heard and valued. More information, including the impact of photography, is highlighted at

2. Engagement Through Focus Groups

A crucial aspect of the Photovoice Project is the involvement of students in focus groups. These groups provide a space for participants to come together and discuss the submitted photos in depth. By engaging in thoughtful dialogue, students not only gain insights into each other’s perspectives but also contribute to the collective interpretation of the images. This collaborative process encourages empathy, critical thinking, and mutual understanding among participants, fostering a sense of community and solidarity.

3. Enhancing Intergenerational Understanding

By sharing their photographs and participating in focus groups, students play a vital role in helping CBAC churches understand the youth of today. Through their lens, churches gain valuable insights into the lives, experiences, and challenges faced by young people in their community. This firsthand perspective enables churches to tailor their outreach efforts, programs, and support services to better meet the needs of youth, ultimately strengthening the bond between generations and fostering a more inclusive and supportive community environment.

Exploring Spiritual Spaces Through Photovoice

Introduction to the CBACYF Photovoice Research Project

The CBACYF Photovoice Research Project employs a unique methodology that invites students (ages 14-18) to express their connection with God through the medium of photography. By responding to the evocative question, ‘Where do you meet God?’, participants are encouraged to capture moments and spaces that hold spiritual significance for them. This approach not only fosters personal reflection but also contributes to a collective exploration of faith within the community.

We recognize that teenagers often find spiritual meaning outside traditional religious institutions, in various settings such as nature, homes, pets, and friendships. As part of a research initiative within the CBAC Youth & Family department, the project aims to amplify the voices of young individuals in expressing their unique experiences of spirituality.

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