There is so much information available online regarding the COVID 19 virus and how we as ministry leaders, parents, and Christians can and should engage. We reached out to a number of folks to highlight some resources that may be helpful to you as a ministry leader and parent. Some are coming from secular contexts and others are not.

We want to be an encouragement for you in this unique season. Check out our facebook page to learn more about our weekly online prayer groups CBAC Youth and Family.

The Gospel of Jesus is still applicable and relevant today. 

The role of the Church to ‘be salt and light to the world’ is still present. 

These remain the same since Jesus walked, ate, laughed, cried, and physically lived on this earth. The difference is HOW we share the Gospel and how WE DO Church.

While the word ‘unprecedented’ is being overused, it is true that what is happening in the world is ‘unprecedented’, but in the midst of this season: Jesus can still calm the storm, heal the leper, forgive Peter, and goes out looking for the one lost sheep. Let us be a people who are aware of our current cultural context and who are creative and brave enough to do the hard work of figuring out how to translate our approach to best share the Gospel, DO Church, and join what God is doing in our Neighbourhood.

Below are some great resources which we have given our CBACyf ‘Stamp of Approval’. 

This does not mean we condone all the authors’ perspectives on every topic, however, for the conversation around COVID 19 we wanted to bring them to your attention.

Youth Related Practical Resources

General Ministry Resources

Speaking with you Students/Kids

Philosophy of Ministry

Resources from our March 18th Online Conversation with Ministry Leaders