I’m not ready for 2020.  I still have a big decision to make.  An important purchase to seek out.

My calendar.  What calendar will I use to mark the passing of months in my office?  Will I use Avengers, or Spider-Man, or another (most-likely) comic book property to watch 2020 pass through?

In many ways, January is only another month.  2020 is only another year. But there is something in changing the calendar that invites time for reflection.  

It’s been my habit over the last number of years to set aside time for intentional reflection.  I use an exercise gained through Arrow Leadership.  It’s been incredibly helpful for me as I set goals and anticipate what I sense God calling me to do.  It grounds my hope in Jesus, as I look back and am reminded of what I saw happen in the previous year.  2019 was a year of unanticipated change on many levels. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that despite not knowing what the day, month, or year, will bring, I can be confident in the presence of Jesus.

One of the most significant questions in this exercise is: “What might be on God’s heart for you for the rest of the year?”  This question is an invitation to bear my soul before Jesus and spend time listening.  What areas of my character do I need to pay attention to? How do I anticipate growing as a husband, father, and leader?  What word is he laying on my heart?

Last year, my word was “trust.”  Over and over again, the Spirit reminded me to trust.  When circumstances seemed overwhelming, I was reminded to trust.  As I stood at my grandmother’s burial, I was reminded to trust. As I considered applying for the Director position, I was reminded to trust.  As I experienced other concerns that come from having a young family, I was reminded to trust. I wonder what this year will bring. I wonder what word Jesus will bring close to me.

I invite you to spend time reflecting.  Do the hard work of digging into last year and looking ahead to the coming season.

In the Youth & Family world, we’re anticipating spending the next few months reflecting and listening to Jesus as he speaks through you.  We recognize that a new team is an invitation to celebrate the work that has gone on before us, but also spend time listening as we discern how Jesus is leading us in the next chapter of ministry. Our vision remains the same.  We’re committed to joining God in our neighbourhoods. But help us dream what that needs to look like.

Over the next three months, Joel, Jacqueline, and I will be road-tripping across Atlantic Canada.  Our goal in the forums is to hear from you. As volunteers, paid staff, parents, etc., if you are passionate about reaching the Next Generation for Jesus, we invite you to come to a forum near you.  Check out the schedule below and join our process of reflecting and dreaming.  


Road Trip Schedule:

January 31 – Moncton, Highfield Baptist Church, 7pm

February 1- Summerside, Summerside Baptist Church, 2pm

February 25- Truro, First Baptist Church, 7pm

February 26-Dartmouth, First Baptist Church, 7pm

February 27- Kentville, Kentville Baptist Church, 7pm

February 29-Woodstock, Woodstock Baptist Church, 2pm

March 30- Fredericton, Grace Memorial Baptist Church, 7pm

March 31-Saint John, Hillcrest Baptist Church, 7pm

Resources to check out:

Interested in Arrow Leadership?  Desiring to be led by Jesus, lead like Jesus, so you can lead more to Jesus? Dan would love to talk with you about this program.

Considering a resource to help you grow in spiritual formation over the next season?  Check out the Reservoir, from Renovare.  Dan is partway through this 15 month devotional journey, and appreciating its content and reflective questions.