We come to you today from the Czech Republic! 9 Canadian Acadia Divinity College students have joined with 9 students from across Europe to take a course on Youth Culture together from Jeff Carter (Canadian Baptist Ministries and European Baptist Federation)! We are in the middle of the course right now. At the end of this week the 9 Canadians will split up and visit some of the European students’ homes, churches and ministries. Here are a few of the students sharing about their experience so far and the importance of understanding youth culture today. This experience is made possible by a generous scholarship each Canadian students receives from the CBAC Youth and Family team and Jeff’s support on the European side. Thank you for giving to CBACyf and supporting youth leaders! You make this excellent training and more available to leaders to the next generation when you give to CBACyf or EBF.

As you watch – consider how you can better engage youth culture today?
How can you both show and tell the Gospel in today’s youth culture?