In Colossians 1:6 the apostle Paul writes that “the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world…” (NIV).   I have just returned home from a couple of days of connecting with youth and children’s leaders and am more convinced than ever that this is true in our time and context. In fact, over the last month the CABC Youth and Family Team (Renee, Jacqueline and I) have gone on the road meeting with leaders in Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax, the Annapolis Valley, and on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The ministry highlights and stories that we have heard in these meetings have been incredible. Be assured, God is up to something in our region!

It was just about a year ago when God started stirring a question in the hearts and minds of the CABC Youth and Family Team. As we sought God for vision we felt strongly that we were to call people with a question – Will you join God in changing Atlantic Canada one neighbourhood at a time? It seems apparent to me after these visits with children’s and youth leaders that God is doing something big in our region and He is inviting us to join Him in this exciting work.

We heard stories of students following Jesus and meeting together in their school to pray and grow together. We heard stories of youth introducing their friends to Jesus and of life change. We heard stories of new and exciting models of children’s ministry making a difference in their communities. We heard of youth and children who were taking a lead in advocacy campaigns like CBM’s She Matters raising the profile of the injustice that is gender inequality. We heard of churches and youth and children’s ministries that are meeting practical needs and being good news in their neighbourhood. All over Atlantic Canada people are saying yes and joining God in what he is doing, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. God is up to something in our region.

I was also struck by the great team of leaders that we have here in Atlantic Canada. We met chidren’s pastors, youth pastors, solo pastors, full-time, part-time, or volunteer, who are joining God in changing Atlantic Canada one neighbourhood at a time. This team is incredible and is serving sacrificially for the sake of God’s Kingdom. We need to continue to see ourselves as one team and not just leaders of individual churches and ministries. Together, we can join God in what He is doing!

They are also a team who face challenges head-on on a regular basis. Take time to pray for this group of pastors and ministry leaders that we can stay focused on the mission and keep going in this incredible task that God has called us to. God is up to something in our region!

As we met with these leaders and heard their stories I couldn’t help but feel that this was just the beginning. I believe that we will see God do even greater things in Atlantic Canada as we together continue to say “yes” to His call.

So what is your part to play in this? How can you say yes to God in joining Him in changing Atlantic Canada neighbourhood by neighbourhood? How can you represent Jesus and be good news in your community? What new, exciting, and creative paths is God calling your church to walk?

God is up to something in our region. It’s time for all hands on deck. Will you join with Him?

– Adrian (@AdrianDGardner)