Here are some fantastic curriculums and other resources recommended by our own youth and children pastors. Have a recommendation? Send it to us


Need some How-To for planning your first mission tour? Or maybe you need some tips on recruiting some volunteers? Check out our How-To Videos! Have a suggestion for our next How-To Video? Send us a message and let us know! 

Ministry & LGBTQ Second Edition

Second Edition "Ministry & LGBTQ" booklets are available. These booklets are to help our ministry leaders frame needed conversations. If you'd like a copy contact the CBAC office at (506) 635-1922. 


Safer Church

People are looking for places where their children can experience joy and community in a safe environment. We want your church to be the safest place it can be. We can never have a guaranteed safety plan but we do believe everyone should have A plan. 

Neighbouring Month

Looking for a way to engage help your youth group, congregation, leadership team engage its neighbourhood every day in practical ways? Check out our one month challenge! 

Neighbourhood Assessment Workbook

We've produced a workbook with you and your neighbourhood in mind. This 12 step booklet will help you and your team get started in seeing where God is at work in your neighbourhood. Download the free PDF file here. 

Staff Book Picks

Leader are learners. Check out what our staff is recommending for your next read!

Joel’s Pick

Joel’s Pick

Renee's Pick

Renee's Pick

Jacqueline's Pick

Jacqueline's Pick



Whether you are looking for a guest speaker or someone to do a workshop at your next event check out all the available workshops we provide. 

  • Being a Fabulous Youth Leader

  • Leading Small Groups (for kids or youth)

  • Growing Younger in Atlantic Canadian Churches

  • Imaginative Hope

  • Bridging Generational Gaps

  • LGBTQ & Ministry

  • Unleashing Potential (Developing Young Leaders)

  • Move it, move it - Taking care of our physical self

  • Vision in your ministry

  • Reaching Young Adults

  • SafeR Church - Child Abuse Response & Protection for those developing or updating their policy and plan

  • Who are the people in your neighbourhood? How to assess your Neighbourhood

  • Joining God in our Neighbourhood (What is this? Why?)

  • Singles in the Church

  • Understanding Pornography and Youth

  • Or ask us - we are creating new workshops all the time. We also enjoy preaching!