July 20 - 27 2019      Woodstock // Fredericton


TI - becoming people on mission with Jesus every day, everywhere

It has the potential to be an amazing win for your youth ministry, church and for the entire host community. Throughout the week students (middle school & high school students) will be challenged to practice and embrace being on mission with Jesus every day, everywhere. Students will experience gatherings, missional labs, neighbouring, serving, a massive food drive and more. The model for the event is simple - a visiting church partners with a host church for a life-changing week of making an impact.




Preston Pouteaux

Fredericton TI Speaker

Dr. Preston Pouteaux is a beekeeper, neighbourhood enthusiast, and pastor at Lake Ridge Community Church. He is an engaging speaker, writer, and curator of conversations about faith and neighbourhoods. He is part of the Forge Canada National Team and is the award winning author of The Bees of Rainbow Falls: Finding Faith, Imagination, and Delight in Your Neighbourhood [Urban Loft Publishers]. Preston’s syndicated column, Into the Neighbourhood, has been printed over one millions times in weekly newspapers. He lives in Chestermere, Alberta, with his wife Kelly, their daughters Scotia and Ivy, and a few thousand honeybees. You can learn more at intotheneighbourhood.ca

Preston, through his sharing on social media, joining us at the CBACyf Summit & the Mission Edge conference has already helped us live into the vision of joining God in our neighbourhoods. We are thrilled he’ll be equipping our teenagers and leaders at Tidal Impact to live on mission with Jesus every day, everywhere. #TI2019 #everydayeverywhere #1neighbourhood

Gordon Dickinson headshot.jpg

Gordon Dickinson Woodstock TI Speaker

Gordon Dickinson currently serves as a pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church, a multi-site church on Prince Edward Island. Prior to moving to PEI 7 years ago, he served in youth and worship ministries at churches in NB and BC.

He is a graduate of Crandall University, Regent College, and the Arrow Leadership program.

In his free time Gordon can be found playing guitar in his backyard tiny house, doing graphic design, woodworking, and hanging out with his three kids.



The Fraser Campbell band will be at Tidal Impact Fredericton!

The Fraser Campbell band will be at Tidal Impact Fredericton!

Fraser Campbell is a JUNO nominated and Gospel Award winning worship leader and recording artist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Dynamic, energetic and authentic are some of the words that sum up Fraser and his music. His live performances are full of undeniable passion, pounding energy, musical ingenuity and sincere honesty. His heart for worship and for encouraging and equipping God’s people is undeniable.

Beyond the Broadcast will be at Tidal Impact Woodstock!

Beyond the Broadcast will be at Tidal Impact Woodstock!

Beyond the Broadcast desires to compose music about hope and love and of brokenness and redemption. Music that unveils the truth that we can experience a presence bigger and better than ourselves. Beyond the Broadcast believes that true change comes when people lay aside their personal agendas and encounter the true and living God. “We don’t want to perform or entertain,” explains the band, “We want to join with real people to worship a real God. Our focus and aim is to point people to the one true God through Jesus Christ and see His glory displayed.”

Whether you are brand new or a long time veteran check out these videos and resources to help you get your church read to send or host at team for Tidal Impact 2019! You won't regret it! You'll also find the form you need for students here.

Student Forms

Students will need to fill out the following form to participate in Tidal Impact. It is to be return to the their YOUTH LEADER at their local church. Download here

Check out some of the questions thats many people have when taking part in TI. These are updated for TI2019!

The finalized Tidal Impact 2019 schedule is here! Check it out and be planning all the details for your Tidal Impact Mission team!

Looking for resources to prepare your team leading up to TI? Look no further! 

Download logos and slides for TI 2019 here!

Preview the booklet called “Neighbourhood Field Notes” that each student & leader will get containing the missional lab activities you’ll work through during the week. This equips you to continue the impact after Tidal Impact and be on mission with Jesus every day, everywhere
#TI2019 #everydayeverywhere

A time to worship God, hear what God is doing this week and get ready to go & make an impact in our neighbourhoods! Great speakers & bands!

A time to worship God, hear what God is doing this week and get ready to go & make an impact in our neighbourhoods! Great speakers & bands!

WOODSTOCK GATHERINGS - Four evenings (Sun, Mon, Thurs & Fri) throughout the week all teams in the Woodstock area will meet at JACKSONVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH (443 NB-560, Jacksonville) for our Gatherings at 6:30pm. Each night encourage your youth and leaders to come representing the theme, which are:
Sunday: Hippies vs. Hipsters
Monday: Tourist
Thursday: 80's/90's Neon
Friday: Disney vs. Superhero

Friday night will also be an open rally for ANYONE to attend- promote it in your church, to your host homes, to people you meet in the community and to friends along the week. In your welcome bag will be postcards that you can hand out to help you invite people (and help them remember!)

FREDERICTON GATHERINGS - Four evenings (Sun, Mon, Thurs & Fri) throughout the week all teams in the Fredericton area will meet at Journey Wesleyan (131 Duncan Lane, Fredericton) for our Gatherings at 6:30pm. Friday night is an open rally for anyone to attend - use the postcards in your leaders bag to invite people you meet throughout the week!

Missional labs.png

MOST afternoons you and your students will have the opportunity to take part in Missional Labs. We have made these easy for you to lead and work through with your group!
Inside your welcome bag will be a booklet for each student and leader called "Neighbourhood Field Notes" for you to follow along and complete.

See a sample of the Neighbourhood Field Notebook here

Additionally on Wednesday afternoon all youth and leaders are invited to ON-SITE Missional Labs:

Those in the WOODSTOCK area meet at Jacksonville Baptist Church where students can take part in labs based on the topics they choose and leaders will have their own lab to attend! Doors will open for this at 1:30pm Wednesday and students are asked to pick their lab topics Monday Night before our Gathering
Instructions for the missional lab and list of all the Wednesday on-site WOODSTOCK Missional Labs HERE

Those in the FREDERICTON area meet at Journey Wesleyan at 1:30 pm where students will take part in labs that help them know how to connect with God even after Tidal Impact. Leaders will have their own lab too, to help leaders know how to continue to join God in the neighbourhood.

Students can pick their labs ahead of time before the evening gatherings or when they arrive at 1:30 pm Wednesday.

Detailed Missional Lab Instructions for FREDERICTON here

List of Missional lab choices for FREDERICTON here

food drive.png

On Sunday Afternoon your team(s) will deliver Food Drive flyers and on Tuesday evening you will return to homes to collect the food!

Here is a detailed description of what you should explain to your youth before they head out to deliver flyers and again before going to collect food.
Please Make Sure Everyone Is Wearing their Tidal Impact T-Shirts & BRACELETS For Sunday AND Tuesday.

Download Food Drive Info for WOODSTOCK area churches HERE . Watch for the maps of the area your group should cover for the food drive in your leaders bag.

Download Food Drive INFO for FREDERICTON area churches HERE

fun event.png

WOODSTOCK AREA FUN EVENT - The Fun Event happens on Monday and Thursday afternoon. We have rented out the AYR Motor Centre in Woodstock for the afternoon. Your group will take part on only ONE of the two afternoons- Jacqueline sent you an email a few weeks ago with your group information. Group A (Purple bracelets) will do the fun event on Thursday and Group B (White bracelets) will be on Monday

WOODSTOCK FUN EVENT RULES - There are a few rules to follow at the Fun Event- Make sure you are aware of them by downloading them here

WOODSTOCK FUN EVENT ACTIVITIES - Click here for a list of fun event activities and a schedule of when they are happening

FREDERICTON AREA FUN EVENT - Organized fun group activities will be happening Monday and Thursday afternoon of TI. Your church will know ahead of time which day you will be participating. Group A (purple bracelets) does the fun event Thursday afternoon & Group B (white bracelets) does the fun event Monday afternoon. This year we will be doing a city-wide scavenger hunt/car rally through the GooseChase app. On the day your team is doing the fun event meet at the Journey Wesleyan Church by 1 pm. The game will be explained, and teams will be finalized.  Youth leaders should already have youth divided up into teams before arriving at the church. All teams need to have a driver/leader with access to a phone with data. Youth will have from 1:30 -4:00 to complete as many missions as possible. At 4:00 the app will automatically turn off and teams will make there way back to the church for ice cream sundaes, viewing of crazy mission submissions and sweet prizes!

Leaders: Please have the GooseChase app already downloaded on your phones. You do not need to have an account to play you can log in as a guest the day of.  

Further instructions for the FREDERICTON fun event HERE

Group suppers.png

WOODSTOCK AREA GROUP SUPPERS - Twice during the week supper is provided for you and your team, sponsored by Acadia Divinity College and Crandall University. These suppers happen on MONDAY and THURSDAY and will take place at WOODSTOCK WESLEYAN CHURCH (340 Lockhart Mill Road, Jacksonville). Supper will begin being served at 5:00PM.
Monday will be a BBQ meal with Hotdogs and Hamburgers, Chips, Veggie Sticks, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apples.
Thursday will be a Spaghetti Supper with Caesar Salad, Garlic Toast, Ice Cream Sandwiches (and Popsicles for dairy allergies)

FREDERICTON AREA GROUP SUPPERS - Twice during the week supper is provided for you and your team, sponsored by Acadia Divinity College and Crandall University. These suppers happen on MONDAY and THURSDAY and will take place at Journey Wesleyan (131 Duncan Lane.) Supper will begin being served at 5:00PM.
Monday will be Pizza, Ice Cream Sandwiches & Pop
Thursday will be Chicken Burgers, chips, cookies & Pop
A gluten free option & veggie option will be available for those who need it on both nights.


Our prayer team will be praying the entire week of TI - there will be ways you can let them know prayer requests too! These will include a prayer and praise wall, prayer room, and a text-in prayer request option.
We'll explain those at the first Gathering.

Our prayer team has also developed a prayer walk around the community that your team(s) can do at some point throughout the week. This will be a great filler if you get done ministry early or have some down time after doing your Missional Lab! (Which you could have extra time on the Tuesday or Friday afternoon.)



Registration For Tidal Impact

Registration for Tidal Impact is now CLOSED.
If you are already registered and need to make modifications to your team’s registration contact Jacqueline Derrah on email at: Jacqueline.Derrah@baptist-atlantic.ca

Here is what you paid for registration…

$170 Church Registration - This is to say 'yes' we're in and we'll either be a visiting team or a host team (in the Fredericton and Woodstock area is the host area.) We are still accepting visiting and host churches but we need you to get this church registration in as soon as possible please!

It is then $140 per person for Tidal Impact for each person (student or leader) on your team.
This is divided into a $40 deposit due before the end of March 2019 and the balance of $100 due May 15, 2019.


Contact Us

If you have any questions at all we would love to hear from you. If you would like someone from the TI team to come visit you personally we would love to hear from you. If you need someone to do a training session with your team we would love to hear from you. We want your TI experience to be the best it can be! 

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