Neighbouring Month can now be every month! For those of you who miss our October neighbouring month, we are challenging youth groups and children's ministries to get to know their neighbourhoods better and start joining God in the places where they live, work, study and play. That is how we define "neighbourhoods" - different pockets of people around you where you live, work, study and play.

The idea is youth/children (could be applied to any age, your whole church could even do it!) do the challenges printed on each day of the calendar and Tweet/Instagram/Facebook what they are doing using the hashtag #1neighbourhood.  

Below download the .zip file where you'll find group devos with powerpoints that include teacher notes and small group questions. You'll also find images for every daily challenge so you can post on social media to remind your students. Enjoy!

NOTE: We have embedded the video files into .ppt but if they don't work we've also included the video files separately.